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Czech Chamber passes animal protection bill


To take effect the law should be supported by the Senate and signed by President Vaclav Klaus.

The Chamber of Deputies discussed an animal protection bill last year and the use of live animals to train hunting dogs was then the bone of contention.

The Senate returned the bill to the Chamber of Deputies because of this provision.

The senators proposed to ban direct contact of hunting dogs with foxes during training and to maintain the previous state of affairs when the fox was protected by a grill.

The Chamber of Deputies overrode the Senate but Klaus vetoed the bill.

The deputies failed to outvote the presidential veto and the bill was thus rejected.

The government now submitted the "senatorial version" of the bill, Agriculture Minister Petr Gandalovic (senior ruling Civic Democrats, ODS) said.

The bill that bans direct contact of training dogs with live animals during the training was passed by the Chamber of Deputies today. It was supported by 149 out of the 182 deputies present. No one voted against it.

The law will take effect next year, Gandalovic said, adding that he firmly believed that the Senate would support it and the president would sign it into law.

Under the rules for animal transportation set in the bill the entire period of transportation in the Czech Republic should not exceed 8 hours.

Author: ČTK